Imperfect Creatures are sweet supportive creatures showing us how easy it is to feel and see beauty. Be it ours or somebody else's. To see you've got to Look inside. It's all about accepting yourself (and others) the way you are. Things you assumed to be your weak points easily can be transformed into your strengths. It all depends on the angle you decide to look at it. Just as easy as Imperfect transcends into I'mPerfect. All it takes is one little dash and one spacing. Magic for everybody.

The key to beauty is being different, marching your own way, playing your own tune. Kids being different often end up being bullied and thrown bad words at. Words can hurt deeply. Our Imperfect Creatures show you how to turn each bad word into a positive one. Silly can as well mean Smart. Big becomes Beautiful. Geek turns into Genius.

Imperfect Creatures teach you how to dance through life in a frivolous way, loving yourself and the whole World. Find the key to happiness inside yourself. Unlock your beauty. Embrace your I'mPerfect Creature. We all are perfect by being different. Each one of us. Don't let anybody else tell you otherwise.

Dive into the magical world of our Imperfect Creatures, a world of beauty and wit. Imperfect Creatures are no monsters. We are creatures living real life in real time. People tend to forget about us and therefore can not see us. Look inside, and you shall find us.

P.S. The Imperfect Creature Brand was created and developed keeping in mind all those fantastic people who wonder through life utterly unaware of their own beauty, be it youngsters or adults. Neither age nor gender matters. Everybody can dig out their I'mPerfect Creature from inside. The I'mPerfect philosophy is easily translated onto a wide range of mediums and products. Unique characters supported by a strong story and a positive message and attitude. Evoking emotions people can identify with.